Titanium Quick Disconnect - Generation 3 -- NEW MODEL

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You've NEVER seen a Quick Disconnect (QD) that releases this easily yet holds your stabilizer in place so tightly -- will NOT come loose from shot vibration.

This QD takes all of the great features of our previous model and improves even further on the design!

  • THE ALL NEW GEN 3 MODEL FEATURES A REMOVABLE FRONT MODULE and is FULLY CAPABLE OF BEING INDEXED (aligned and tightened down where YOU want it on your bow) 

  • Precision crafted blend of ULTRA STRONG Titanium Alloy and 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • 1/8 of a turn is ALL THAT'S NEEDED to get a smooth and FAST disconnect
  • Improved bow recoil and torque control
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 1-7/8" 

  • WEIGHT: 2.66 oz 

  • One (1) threaded Quick Disconnect Aluminum pin and one (1) 1/4" drive Socket Cap Screw included with each unit
  • 1-1/8" length Titanium section is coated with a Matte Black and light diffusing Powder Coat

  • 21/32" length CNC machined Aluminum section is anodized black


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Quick disconnect gen 3

Extremely happy with the gen 3 model. I had the gen 1 and over time there were a few issues with the components....but...the gen 3 seems to using improved upon components and I couldn’t be happier with the new setup. Extremely tight tolerances. Exceptional build quality. Would highly recommend all of TAP products.

Well designed product!

Made the switch from a Gen 1 to the new Gen 3 QD! I really appreciate the new design as it allows me to index the QD as I like. Great finish and it most of all, the from stabilizer tays solidly mounted!

Gen 3 Quick Disconnect (QD)

Just as it’s named, the Quick Disconnect makes life a lot easier and quick to switch things out. There’s no other customer service like TAP in the world.

Untouchable stabilizers

I have been shooting TAP stabilizers for 2 years now. From someone that got into target and tournament shooting just shortly before that, I have only used basic hunting stabs. So, I really wouldn’t know the benefit of good target stabs, until the last 2 weeks. I ended up busting up my front TAP bar in an accident and had to order a new one. Unfortunetly with the covid issues the mail system delayed it getting to me. Sam has sent it out the same day I ordered it but the mail took 14 days to get to me so, I had to borrow A set of stabs from my shop for 2 shoots I had. Now, this other set were very decent And it was the NEW and improved model of this brand. However, no matter how I set them or weighted them, I could not get them to balance my bow as perfect as my TAP stabs have always done. And. They did not leave my bow as quiet or as smooth shooting as my TAP. I felt vibration I never had before and my bow felt like it was moving all
Over. I may not always stay with the same bow manufacturer, but I WILL always be shooting TAP Stabs and ONLY TAP stabs on my bows.


Awesome product! Great customer service !!