You're viewing this website because within the past several months you purchased either a 10" or 12" Element X Stabilizer.

Through detailed testing using sound spectrum analysis I've identified that our 10" and 12" Element X stabilizers may exhibit a small amount of post-shot resonance that in most cases is felt in the grip of the bow. This is not indicative of a defect in the structural integrity of the product. However, it may lead some archers to conclude that the stabilizer is not functioning correctly. You can be assured though that your stabilizer is still capable of providing the level of accuracy and bow control that we expect from these products.

I've also been able to determine through testing that by adding an additional amount of our proprietary Vortex material to these stabilizers that cancellation of the felt post-shot resonance is possible.

- In a 10" model this additional amount adds 0.8 oz of Vortex to the base weight of the stabilizer

- In a 12" model this additional amount adds 1.0 oz of Vortex to the base weight of the stabilizer

If you would like to return your 10" or 12" Element X Stabilizer and have additional Vortex material added to it I'm offering that to customers for $10 (includes return shipping). You would be responsible for paying to have the stabilizer shipped to us for the work. Turnaround time would be 1-2 business days.

Thank you for your business. Your satisfaction with TAP products is of the utmost importance to me!

Sam Shaffer - CEO
Titanium Archery Products, LLC

225 Reynolds Mill Road
York, PA 17403