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No other product makes your bow feel like an extension or your body. For 30 years I have been a bow hunter. I have never even given a stabilizer a thought. I just picked up a few here and there just because it looked nice on a bow. Until I recently got more into target shooting I started my research on different stabs and string stops.

After being introduced to Athens bows I was then introduced to Titanium Archery Products and nothing has ever made my bows and shooting so much better than a TAPPED OUT bow. All my bows are now equipped with TAP stabs and quick releases...And I'm not looking back.

Bill Caufman


Just T.A.P IT

I am brand new to the Stabilizer world. I looked at many different ones before I finally chose. I weighed the pros and cons of many. But the one that stuck out for me was the T.A.P company. Made 100% in the USA. So I took a leap out of my comfort zone and got the Element X 8" stabilizer. I was completely shocked at the difference in my shooting by adding a stabilizer to my set up.

I am a firm believer in Titanium Archery Products! The right set up takes you from good to great! So if you're looking for a stabilizer that's going to change your shooting and take you from good to great, I highly recommend Titanium Archery Products. 

Do not think about it, just T.A.P it!!

Jackie Doyle

I purchased a “Tapped Out" Flat Dark Earth Summit a few weeks ago from TAP. I have been eyeing Athens for a year now, but never wanted to “pull the trigger” and switch from a well known Big Marketing Manufacturer. I ended up having problems with said big name manufacturer and thought it was  a great time to try something new. First place I went was Athens Archery. In the Search I had heard of TAP but only thought they made Stabilizers. I soon found out Sam carries the whole line of Athens bows paired with his string stop and cable guard. I liked the way those products looked and decided on the Summit as I liked the 30 ATA and 7” BH.  

After a couple back and forth messages with Sam I ordered said Summit. Right off the bat Athens had reached out to Sam to make sure I was fine with the color combo I picked. Sam reached back out to me and we changed the limb color to Black. By Tuesday of the following Week Sam had messaged me and stated he was shipping my Bow that Day. I received it in 3 days via UPS. I took it to my Bow shop as I wanted to show them plus I could set it up there. The owner stated he has heard great things about Athens but never shot any of the Models. I used a Hamskea Trinity rest an we laser aligned the center shot for a good start. Took it to the shooting bay and drew it back. I was surprised at how smooth it was and what I noticed the most was the very solid back wall. Shot the arrow and looked over and said “wow”, “you have to shoot this” I then checked draw weight, with 70lb limbs it was pulling 75LB and Holding 5.8! I like to shoot 70 so we took a full turn out and Draw weight was right at 70 lbs with 3.8 holding! It was shooting bullet holes with 340’s in no time.

The owner of the shop shot it many times, In fact the 3 that were there that day took turns shooting it and were shocked at how smooth and dead, shock free it is. We all were surprised and a couple comments were made that “this Summit shoots better then my “flagship” bow. (I’ll just leave the brand and model out as to not hurt any feelings!) This Summit is probably the best bow I have shot, and I have shot many of the flagship bows from the big guys. I shoot every day and have shot this Summit every day since We set it up and every time I take it out I like it even more!. To top it off the customer service you get with Sam at Tap and Athens is incredible. I actually got a hand written post card from Tracie thanking me for buying an Athens. I like that touch, something you don’t get from the “big guys” I look forward to getting this thing into the woods this season! Athens and TAP is doing it right. That’s something the means a lot to me!

Tim Kinnaman


Prior to purchasing one of your element x stabilizers I was using a competitor's stabilizer on my bow. I had issues with my pin staying below my target area which in turn gave me target panic. I was first introduced to your products while listening to a podcast you were on and I was immediately intrigued. After work that day I gave you a call and told you about my issues with my shooting and you were able to talk me through what it might be and what product to go with as well as the bar lengths to try for just starting out. Your knowledge of the use of stabilizers, your description/benefits of the products and willingness to go through everything from the set up to best practices sold me on trying TAP stabilizers on my bow.

As soon as my 8” and 6” element x bars with quick disconnects arrived, I put them on my bow and began the testing phase of weight set ups out front and off the back bar and immediately I noticed an improvement. I was able to hold my pin steadier on the target and felt a noticeable reduction of vibration.  Being new to using a side bar I contacted you regarding the best orientation to use and you got back to me right away with what you’ve seen work and how the bow reacts better when the weight is distributed towards the center of the lower cam.  You also explained that each bow will react differently depending on the angle away from the bow for the side bar too.  I did some different testing with that and settled on a final location. I couldn’t be happier with my set up and was even more confident in my shooting abilities.  My confidence in shooting past 60 yards went through the roof and seeing that I was going on a western elk hunt that’s exactly what I needed. 

Fall of 2018 I was able to harvest my first ever elk in Montana.  With your help in choosing the length of stabilizers and set up, I made a confident, well placed shot on my bull and can’t thank you enough for the great products that you make.  This past winter I was able to purchase a 12” element x as I wanted to see how that would affect my shooting. I felt like I needed more weight on my left side being a right handed shooter, to compensate for a heavier sight and quiver full of arrows on the right side of my bow.  I feel that adding the 12” bar to the side location and the 8” bar to the front and using a 4 to 1 weight ratio, I gained even more stabilization and a more effective longer range to my shooting.

The other important part for me of the TAP stabilizers is the quick disconnect option. I’m able to take my bars off in seconds to put my bow in my case or make an adjustment on the fly interchanging front and side bars. This is a valuable asset to the stabilizer system allowing you to make these adjustments and making it easy to get your bow out for a hunt and in seconds be set up and ready to go with a twist of the wrist.

I’ve recommended your products to many of my friends who have also made purchases of front and side bars and they’re always telling me how amazing their set up is and how much their shooting has improved with your system. Thank you again for your attention to detail, innovativeness, customer service and a great product. I feel like I wouldn’t be the archer I am today without putting your stabilizers to use.

Pat Casey


After several recommendations,  I decided to try TAP stabilizers. I have been thoroughly pleased with every product I've ordered but the Hybrid Pro stabilizers are second to none! My ability to hold steadier and execute a consistent shot has improved dramatically since I started using them. 

The craftsmanship,  science and thought that goes into these is unmatched in my opinion and my shooting tremendously improved to solidify my belief.  

Bo Hutchison


At 53, I’m fairly new to archery. But it’s quickly become an obsession. After talking with and getting to know Sam at Titanium Archery Products I knew I wanted to try their products!  Extremely knowledgeable and friendly, Sam helped me pick out the 8” Dual Stabilizer set up with Quick Disconnect.  WOW!!!  What a difference it made. I installed it myself and it truly damped the vibrations and helped my shooting improve.  The bow just sits better in my hands. Even got my first Robin Hood!! I definitely WILL be adding the T.A.P. Stop and getting some more accessories to completely get my bow TAPPED OUT!!   Give Sam Shaffer and Titanium Archery Products a won’t regret it!!!

Stowe Harbin