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TAP Polo Shirt

Very nice TAP polo shirt, I got the Red. Good embroidery for the logo and words. Need to wear collared shirts when shooting in state archery events per rules with the exception of shooter jerseys. Feeling well TAPped out and waiting on those new rollers to finish out the bow!!!

Great product

The stock carbon cable guard rod on my pse evl 32 had become bent. This caused the end of the draw cycle to become rough. And the roller guard was binding and making a clicking noise. Installed the tap titanium rod, draw cycle went back to very smooth and the clicker noise was gone. Great product!

Tap cable rod and holder for pse

This cable rod holder weighs a tiny bit more than the original but it feels alot sturdier and stronger, holds rod great, also look pretty cool compared to the original.

Great product

Bought the coupler and tube and been very pleased with both items, no more issues

Excellent product!

Couldn’t be happier with these stabilizers. Well built and nice to look at as well! Great job.

Set Screws - REPLACEMENT PARTS - #8-32 x 3/32" - 3 screws

TAP (white logo) Multicam® hat
Huntersville Outdoors
High quality

High quality nice fit easy adjustment.

Made my mid price bow shoot like a flagship!

Since adding the Cable Guard System paired with a roller guide to my Bear Whitetail Legend Pro, the bow is much smoother, quieter, faster, and feels so much more natural on the draw. I liked my bow before, I love it now. I will be adding the string stop next.

nice it work

what can i say it fix a major pain in my the butt

2 TAP-DOA™️ ULTRA-Light Stabilizers + 1 Side Stabilizer Mount + 1 GEN 4 FRONT Quick Disconnect (QD)

Absolutely perfect machining and finish on these stabilizers and mounts.
Great shooting in windy conditions compared to my thicker ones I replaced.
Stable and quiet during the shot. Less vibration noticed as well.

TAP-DOA™️ ULTRA-Light Stabilizer - (With options for BUNDLING additional products)
Simply the best bang for the buck

Plain and simple gotta spend twice as much for similar quality elsewhere. I will probably only use TAP from here on out.

Great product. Can’t wait to start shooting

Looks and feels like a great product. Made really well. Checks all the boxes of a great stabilizer. The quick disconnect is super solid. No rattle or shake. I’m fully confident that once I tighten the stabilizer onto the QD that it will stay tight.

Cable Guard coupler & rod

Big improvement over original equipment & just what I needed. Thanks!

TAP String Stop

Bought product to reduce shot noise on my Athens Vista 33 product succeeded in doing so and performs well.

Prime Nexus Hand Shock

Recently upgraded to a newer Prime Nexus 6 which also uses a 5/16-24 thread and decided to move it over to my new primary bow. Did this immediately before zeroing or any stabilizer setup with the intent of reducing any hand shock while setting up. It was interesting to note that there was no perceived shock with the TSS alone despite Prime's dual cams being know for excessive hand vibration. It was never much of a concern as I planned for front and back bars ensuring it would go away but it did so without. So for at least some Prime Bows a Ti stop is more then enough alone to eliminate any hand shock without any other additional means of dampening.

Top Notch

Had a few questions, the market is saturated with stabilizers at all price points, Sam the owner walked me through his process’. Sent a text showing shipment and everything. Top notch product and top notch service.

Purchse well worth it!!

Purchased your 14.75 front and 10.75 inch rear stab. Awesome results thus far. Solid construction yet light weight with vibration dampening ability without adding too much overall weight to the bow.
Highly recommned !!


Product is well built and good quality. Installation was simple, I had to invert the tss for the time being due to the positioning of the serving on the string. The tss does a good job of reducing felt vibration after the shot over the stock string stop.

Simple & Adjustable

What more is there to say? Love the ability to adjust how far left/right the side mount is, and everything locks down tight and stays right where it’s put!

Light and strong

This is my second set , I was testing on my first bow and this is definitely improvement . Consistency is the key in archery.


Can’t beat an American product from a small business. Not sure where the blemish is honestly. Eats the vibrations and looks great.

TAP-DOA™️ ULTRA-Light Stabilizer - (With options for BUNDLING additional products)
wilbert hogan
Top Notch!

Received package and was very happy! Clean, no nonsense design, substantially lighter than other competitors. The real difference was when I actually installed it on my bow and shot, unbelievable performance. Been bow hunting for 40 plus years and have numerous stabilizers, nothing even close. Thanks for making excellent, no frills, superb functioning equipment!!!

String stop

Excellent customer service. And my blem stop i got doesn't even look like a blemish. Great product.

Tap gear

I have purchased a bunch of Sam's gear upgrading my Mach1 and an Elite bow including stabilizer's. All great quality and Sam is a great great guy to deal with. Review Medals