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Awesome product!

I was getting contact on my TAP cable rod from the factory slide and was causing a weird thudding sound after the shot. It was also leaving scuff marks on the cable rod so I decided to get the TAP slide and what a world of difference! Draw is so much smoother and quieter even at 75lb draw. No more contact on the cable rod and got rid of the weird sound. Glad I made the decision to get the TAP titan slide to go with the TAP rod I got a while ago.

Everyone should have one!

If you run the Tactacam stabilizer on your bow, then you need the TAP XL Titanium Booster. It provides the perfect length and balance to your bow. No extra noise and no vibration coming from the stabilizer. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their setup.

Great products. Makes tuning easier. Awesome craftsmanship. Highly recommend for replacement of factory parts.

Perfect option

I have 2 EVL 34s, I use one for 3-D & 1 for hunting. Both rods had cracks & my hunting bow only has 500 shots thru it. Easy & quick replacement to fix the issue forever.

Cuts down on vibration

These washers cut down some vibration, and hold the bars nice and tight! Great little product that helps build confidence!

String stop

Company was recommended to me for ordering a string stop on my older Bowtech Diamond bow and I know why. Great product, quick response and turn around time for the delivery of the string stop was amazing. Would recommend to others.

Very well put together

Nice set up.
I took it all to my local shop and he was impressed as well. Will be ordering a second set up for my other bow after the season. Don’t want to leave anyone short right before.

TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide (Fits MANY BRANDS and MODELS of bows)
robert mcphee
Cable guide and roller

Had the cable guide and just got the roller, all I can say is TAP makes amazing products. I couldn't be happier with the performance and quality. Highly recommend. 100% satisfied customer here.

First impressions

The stabilizers look and feel high quality.
The products are inline with competitors pricing. I like the minimalistic design. On first draw of the bow after installation, the bow was still in my hand. I was really surprised how much of a difference it made. My previous stabilizer was not weighted like this one and I was only utilizing a front mount. Having both front and side is a huge improvement. I had questions concerning what product to purchase and I received a fast response. I would recommend this company and product

TiTANIUM Cable Guard Coupler, Cable Slide and Cable Guard Rod for PSE Supra bow

Shipping overseas took a while, but definitely worth the wait. I purchased the entire cable guard product suite on offer and it not only looks good, but also a massive improvement on the draw of the bow. Much smoother draw and a solid product. Was very easy to install. That said, my Supra bow is a 2018 model bow and has shot quite a few arrows over the years. The original cable guard was good for years, but over time due to wear it makes the draw less smooth. Feels like a new bow again. Thank you. Only other recommendation is to have coloured options available other than grey and black.

Thank you for the support of our products and your product review!

Offering more than one color of any given product can be quite difficult and costly to do. Given the 'one man band' status of TAP (I operate it myself) offering multiple color choices is usually not a viable option.

thanks again and take care,

Sam (TAP Owner)

Excellent service and product

The Titanium Cable guard was shipped fast and cost efficient to Germany. The product as such is fitting very well to the guard holder, much better than the original part. Good value for price.

TAP's Quality is Superior to anyone else in the industry!

The DOA Stabilizers, THE TiTan Roller, The Ti Roller guid ride, and the TSS String Stop are all 5 STAR WORTHY. From Quality, Weight comparison to original parts, to the superior upgrades in the re-engineering of each part so that you don't only gain a better quality item, you gain a BETTER PERFORMING item Makes TAP the Best Small Company supporting archers who want UPGRADES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! There is not a single thing from TAP That I don't have on EVERY HIGH PERFORMANCE BOW I OWN FROM MY HUNTING BOWS TO MY TARGET BOWS. If you are on the Fence don't be. Dive in!! There is not an over priced item here. Everything this company offers outweighs, and out perfomrs against TAPS competitors. Highest quality, quietest, most vibration reducing, LIGHTEST Stabilizers in the market today. They CAN NOT BE MATCHED!!! I CAN GIVE YOU 10 REASONS for every item TAP sells, but it would take too much space and time to read. Just try it all for yourself. It will be the smartest thing you do as an archer or hunter with today's modern equipment. Thanks Sam for amazing equipment and even better personable service!

PSE Titanium String Stop (TSS)
Kenneth Druyvestein

Great product, Works great with my PSE and made a big difference

XL Titanium Tactacam™️ Booster -- GEN 2 (CLEARANCE/SLIGHT BLEM ITEM)

TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide (Fits MANY BRANDS and MODELS of bows)
Jim Middleton
Smooth and quite

Makes the bow shoot smoother and quite nice product


Quality gear! Works great for me. So easy to adjust, nice finish, holds so rock steady! Excellent customer service! Keep up the great work Sam and GOD BLESS!

Great Product! Highly recommend

Got the titanium cable guard and slider for my PSE NTN. Easy to install and made for a smooth draw.

TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide (Fits MANY BRANDS and MODELS of bows)
robert j blomstrom
tru improvement

Immediately saw that the Titan cable slide is a high end quality upgrade. quiet and extremely smooth. Delrin wheels are very gentle on cables. highly recommend this product.

TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide

Not yet used (reserve)

TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide (Fits MANY BRANDS and MODELS of bows)
Gary Moore facebook.com/garyinfinland/
TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide PSE Perform X 3D

I have been using the TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide on my PSE Perform X 3D for a few weeks now, as I was a bit sceptical, but fed up with having the PSE Cable Slide rollers disintegrate. I can now say, they are butter smooth. You will feel it. Good one Sam, you made a winner.

Great product

I had a great experience with TAP. The titanium cable rod is quiet and fit and functioning perfectly. Fast shipping and great communication.

Gen 4 Front Quick Disconnect

This is a great addition to my bow. My bow wouldn't fit in my case with the stabilizer attached so I was always having to remove it and leaving it loose in my case along with my bow sling. The quick disconnect attaches in seconds and takes 1/4 turn to take my new DOA stabilizer off my bow, and can keep the bow sling attached. Buy one, you won't be disappointed!

Very good product overall

Overall design is great, easy to install. Would have given 5 stars but I don’t not personally care for the choice of rubber dampeners offered so I changed mine to a BowJax.

We're sorry to learn that you don't like the Limbsaver String Decelerator node.

We have done extensive testing (including the Boxjax products) and have found that the Limbsaver node is superior in suppressing a greater overall amount of noise found within the sound spectrum.

TAP-TiTAN™ Cable Slide (Fits MANY BRANDS and MODELS of bows)
ZANNI Sady Mauro
Tital Cable Slide

Excellent product, well built and efficient during the archery phase ...

TAP-Titan cable guard excellent

Did not believe such a simple design bow accessory could change anything on the shot but was wrong. TAP titan made the bow more quiet on my EVL34 and shot and speed consistency improved greatly. Great product