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2 TAP-DOA™️ ULTRA-Light Stabilizers + 1 Side Stabilizer Mount with TiTANIUM SCREWS & SIDE Quick Disconnect + 1 GEN 4 FRONT Quick Disconnect (QD)

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The LEFT HAND THREADING of the one junction point on the SIDE STABILIZER MOUNT is a CRITICAL improvement and promotes a greater overall ability for the Mount to maintain tight connections and actually SELF TIGHTENS with bow use.

THE LIGHTEST WEIGHT (per inch) and most ECONOMICALLY PRICED HIGH PERFORMANCE bowhunting stabilizer we've EVER produced.

2 TAP-DOA ULTRA Light Bowhunting Stabilizers + 1 Side Stabilizer Mount + 1 GEN 4 Front Quick Disconnect



    5/8" and 1-1/4" Button Head Screws are included. 

    INCREDIBLY LIGHT IN WEIGHT! (without the included end weights installed)

     14.75" = 3.34 oz
    12.75" = 3.16 oz
    10.75" = 2.98 oz
    8.75" = 2.80 oz
    6.75" = 2.49 oz

    • We've named this model the TAP-DOA™️ (Dead On Arrival) ... because  it's so SMOOTH and QUIET that your prey will never know what hit them....they will be as good as Dead On Arrival of your arrow. 🎯
    • ALL Stabilizer lengths INCLUDE 2 end weights in that measurement! -- Each additional weight will add 0.20" in length.
    • Vortex™️ - TAP's proprietary energy damping material sealed inside.
    • 5/8" Outer Diameter ULTRA HIGH MODULUS CARBON FIBER main body - Among the smallest diameter stabilizers in the industry - EXCELLENT for resisting the effects of CROSS WINDS
    • CNC Machined Aluminum, BLACK ANODIZED front outsert (5/16-24 female threaded) 
    • CNC Machined Steel, BLACK POWDER COATED & WEATHER PROOF back outsert (BOW RISER SIDE) 
    • 5/16-24 female end threading for add-on weight systems / The shorter of the two stabilizers you order will arrive installed with 4 oz of end weight and a 1-1/4" Button Head screw / The longer of the two stabilizers you order will arrive installed with 2 oz of end weight and a 5/8" Button Head screw.


      • 5/8" Button Head Screw = holds 1-2 of our end weights and still fits our stabilizer threads
      • 1" Button Head Screw = holds 2-4 of our end weights 
      • 1-1/4" Button Head Screw = holds 3-5 of our end weights 
      • 1-1/2" Button Head Screw = holds 4-6 of our end weights 
      • 1-3/4" Button Head Screw = holds 6-7 of our end weights 
      • 2" Button Head Screw = holds 7-9 of our end weights  
      • 2-1/2" Button Head Screw = holds 10-11 of our end weights 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 86 reviews
      Kalvin L B Wilson
      2 TAP-DOA™️ ULTRA-Light Stabilizers + 1 Side Stabilizer Mount

      I watched 2 intriguing videos on the utilization of Stabilizers on a bow and how they impact performance.
      - DIY Sportsman's "STABILIZERS for Bow Hunting - Testing the Difference
      - Levi Morgan's "Bow Stabilization"
      Both videos were very informing. DIY Sportsman was using the TAP product in his evaluation of how Stabilizers impact shooting performance.
      After watching the videos I sent a text to Sam at TAP, to my surprise I received a call back within 5 minutes. He took the time to review my objectives to see how adding Stabilizers would impact my shooting performance.
      I placed the order for the 2 TAP-DOA™️ ULTRA-Light Stabilizers + 1 Side Stabilizer Mount with TiTANIUM SCREWS & SIDE Quick Disconnect + 1 GEN 4 FRONT Quick Disconnect (QD) and an extra (QD).
      The product was shipped the same day and I am still experimenting with different configurations to Dialed into what works best for me.
      The Fit & Finish on the product is great.
      If you are looking to add a stabilizer system to your bow you need to give Sam a call and check out his TAP line of products.
      I would do it over again.

      Blown away! Huge difference! Worth every penny.

      I have been shooting a off the shelf bee stinger stabilizer I bought at sportsmans warehouse probably 15 years ago. I honestly didn’t know that what a difference a high-quality set of stabilizers and string stop would make. The fact is I can shoot my bow pretty well with no stabilizers at all. The difference is that with this TAP kit it is EASIER to shoot well, and more forgiving. The stabilizers really do dampen out my small jerks, twerks, and torque that destroys consistency. Groups got smaller!!!
      I was hesitant to buy the string stop because it looks pretty much exactly like the one that came on my bow. I bought it anyway and again I was incredibly impressed by the change in sound my bow was making. My bow (Mathews traverse) made a bit of a “ping” or “pomp” on the shot. With the TAP string stop it is more of a dull “Thud” or “Thump” noise. It may be close to the same decibel but it isn’t nearly as “sharp” of a sound.
      So many things in archery are subtle perceptions, slight tweaks and nuances. I was shocked to see such immediate and quantifiable results instantly after adding my TAP stabilizers and string stop. Whooo hoo TAP fanboy for life here!

      Jon A
      Great customer service

      I recently heard of Sam and his products it was a weekend and I sent out a Facebook message to the company page and to my surprise I had an answer directly from Sam. I was impressed with the response and service I received over a weekend. It’s a great product and I would highly recommend them , bow shoots great and is rock solid at fully draw , Thanks again Sam!

      Ken M.
      Stabilizers on Prime Logic

      I wanted to get my sight pin to settle quicker and have less movement while aiming. Per Sams suggestion, I went with a 12.75 front bar and an 8.75 side bar. I also bought a 4 oz. weight stack. Prime bows are fairly balanced but I shoot heavy arrows and always with the quiver on the bow. (The quiver is mounted rearward). I received my stabilizers and mounts in just a couple of days. I'm still tinkering but have seen quite an improvement. I do think the bow is a little more quiet now. Im currently running 5 oz. on the front and 2 oz. on the back. the only issue I had was I had to get a 1.5 inch bolt (instead of the supplied 1 inch) to attach the mount because I use a braided wrist sling that has a thick piece of leather with a grommet. I would recommend you give TAP a try!

      Nick P
      Fantastic Quality

      This truly is high quality American made equipment. I was directed to TAP by Kevin at the Deer Hunter Podcast who promotes higher quality American made products. I called Sam and he personally helped me decide which stabilizer set up to purchase for my needs. The stabilizers made a great difference in my shooting ability at long ranges. Thanks for the high quality product!