• Our White Polyoxymethylene (POM) rollers are MORE GENTLE on Cables than ANY OTHER CABLE SLIDE on the market!  CABLE SERVING IS NOT REQUIRED with the TAP-TiTAN™ - Our Cable Slide performs equally well WITH or WITHOUT Cable Serving.
  • The Cable Slide frame is made from one solid piece of expertly machined grade 5 Titanium - which is MUCH STRONGER than aluminum factory versions. Factory Cable Slides have been known to fracture and break apart while the bow is being drawn or shot (see photo below), which creates a potentially dangerous situation for the shooter and bystanders - this violent breakage cannot occur with our product given the high strength to density ratio of Titanium Alloy. 

    Additional clearance space is machined into our Titanium frame so that contact with the Cable Guard Rod cannot occur when the bow is drawn or the arrow is released. (this is a known problem on the factory model that we've corrected).
  • We also IMPROVED UPON the Small Roller Retaining Pins by making one end of the pin KNURLED - once inserted into the Titanium frame the pins cannot become loose or start to slide out of position. (this is a known problem on the factory model that we've corrected).
  • The TAP-TiTAN™ will function perfectly on ANY BRAND OR MODEL of bow that has a removable Cable Slide that travels along (during the draw cycle) a rounded Cable Guard Rod.



    I often answer the question of "WHY THE WHITE ROLLERS?".... and while I DO understand that people may not "like" them as much as black rollers, I simply NEVER compromise when it comes to performance.

    TAP has never been about aesthetics or what looks most appealing... ALWAYS about what functions best.

    When it comes to plastics and how they behave, it's really important to keep in mind that a material like Delrin (or its equivalent like we used) will be at its SLICKEST/LOWEST friction and ALSO strongest, when it's in its natural state of off-white color... when black dye is added the physical properties begin to degrade.

    I tested our prototypes for nearly 6 months and the level of gentleness (on cables both served and non-served) and the increase in draw smoothness impressed even me and I designed it to be this way! .... I won't change what I believe to be the highest performance formula.

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