Q: Why do you use titanium alloy to build your stabilizers, string stops, QDs and other products?

 A: Simply put, because the physical properties of Titanium are CLEARLY SUPERIOR to those of carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic and rubber for bow stabilization, noise suppression and vibration damping purposes.

Titanium alloy delivers unparalleled vibration mitigation and bow recoil control; Titanium will quiet your bow noticeably in comparison to carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic or rubber based products.

 We've also put the amazing noise control and vibration deadening abilities of Titanium to work in our string stops making them the quietest and most shock free on the market.


Q: Which TAP™ stabilizer is best for the archer that is primarily focused on bowhunting and not 3D or competition?

 A: The answer to question is that there isn't one choice that is clearly the best for every archer! The decision boils down to several factors such as: How performance and tuning focused the archer is, the average and maximum distance of the archer's in-the-field shots, how aggressive their bow's cam system is, the brace height of their bow ...and those are just a few of the considerations.

Generally speaking though most of our bowhunting customers find that an 8" Suppressor Extreme™ or 8" Element X™ will suit their needs quite well. For recommendations specific to YOUR bow's set up contact us for more information.

Q: Which TAP stabilizer is best for the archer that is primarily focused on 3D or competition archery?

A: This one is easy to answer! -- The Hybrid is without a doubt the superior choice for the target/competition focused archer. We've designed all aspects of The Hybrid to maximize the archer's potential to land more of their arrows in the X ring. Time and time again competitive archers are finding that The Hybrid stabilizers provide their bows exceptional bow control and IMPROVED scores ... and in the end, isn't that what it's all about?!

And now that we've launched the Element X™ Bowhunting edition this model can offer the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS to the serious archer.

Q: What is Vortex™?

A: That's the proprietary name for the vibration KILLING material we produce for use in our hunting stabilizers. We don't disclose the ingredients but it's suffice to say that NO OTHER COMPANY in the archery industry uses this formula and it performs superbly working in unison with the titanium alloy to provide your bow a smooth, deadened and vibration free shot!