Q: What's the difference between the Hybrid Pro™️, the Element X™️ and the TAP-DOA?

A: The Hybrid Pro, the Element X and the TAP-DOA offer similar overall performance in hunting length stabilizers; they all damp excess bow energy / vibration very well and enhance bow accuracy better than other products on the market.

The biggest difference between the three models is that the Element X has a Titanium Alloy main body portion and both the Hybrid Pro and TAP-DOA have an ultra high modulus Carbon Fiber main body portion. The Hybrid Pro also features additional high performance materials (Titanium Alloy and 7075 Aluminum) in its Riser side Module - these materials combined with the unique design set it apart as our PREMIUM MODEL and is preferred for 3D competition.

The TAP-DOA model has the highest percentage of its overall WEIGHT FORWARD of the balance point and is the most "PLUG & PLAY" option -- meaning that it is ideally suited to many bows right out of the package and will require little (if any) adjustment to its weights when used in a front stabilizer configuration.

All three Bowhunting models contain our proprietary vibration damping material formula, Vortex™️ .


Q: Why do you use titanium alloy to build your stabilizers, string stops, QDs and other products?

 A: When deployed correctly, the physical properties of Titanium offer certain UNIQUE ENERGY DAMPING and RESONANT FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS compared to other more commonly used materials in archery accessories.

The natural resonant frequencies of Titanium allows it to more effectively move bow energy out away from the bow and more rapidly dissipate shot noise downrange.

We've also put the amazing noise control and vibration deadening abilities of Titanium to work in our string stops making them the quietest DOWNRANGE and most shock free on the market.



Q: Which TAP™ stabilizer is best for the archer that is primarily focused on bowhunting?

 A: Generally speaking most typical bowhunters will find that a 8.75" TAP-DOA, 8"-10" Hybrid Pro" or 8"-10" Element X™ will suit their front stabilization needs quite well - If you're considering also using a Side Stabilizer our suggestions may change to some degree.

For recommendations specific to YOUR bow's set up contact us for more information. 717-885-9636 (Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm Eastern)


Q: Which TAP stabilizer is best for the archer that is primarily focused on 3D or competition archery?

A: The Hybrid Pro™ is in most cases the superior choice for the target/competition focused archer. We've designed all aspects of The Hybrid Pro™ to maximize the archer's potential to land more of their arrows in the X ring. Time and time again competitive archers are finding that The Hybrid Pro™ stabilizers provide their bows exceptional bow control and IMPROVED scores ... and in the end, isn't that what it's all about?!

And now that we've launched the Hybrid Pro™ Bowhunting edition this model can offer the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS to the serious archer.


Q: What is Vortex™?

A: That's the name of the vibration KILLING, PROPRIETARY formula we produce for use in our hunting stabilizers. We don't disclose the ingredients but it's suffice to say that NO OTHER COMPANY in the archery industry uses this formula and it performs superbly working in unison with the other stabilizer materials to provide your bow a smooth, deadened and vibration free shot!